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WorkPuddle allows you to take your organization's talent acquisition to a new level without turning the whole process over to a vendor manager. We don't take over your Vendor Management -- we help in a way that makes you more efficient and effective while you manage the process in a way that suits you. WorkPuddle's virtual marketplace is a portal for your current vendors and offers access to additional vendors that recruit and submit candidates whose qualifications match those of your company's existing needs. The streamlined, consistent WorkPuddle process saves your company both time and money.




WorkPuddle Employer Demo image WorkPuddle Vendor Demo


The WorkPuddle Advantage

  • Multiple vendors working for you -- with the convenience of one contact
  • Real-time automated submittal process reduces paperwork & emails - now you can focus on important hiring criteria
  • Decrease cold calls -- vendors must participate in your process through WorkPuddle
  • Achieve cost savings through lower placement/staffing fees
  • Competition among vendors increases quality of candidates submitted
  • Option to remain anonymous throughout most of the search and hiring process
  • Standardized contractual terms eliminates confusion across all departments of your organization





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